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Every child is unique, every child is born with its own strengths…

At innate Montessori, we are determined to make every small difference, which eventually should support to leads to bigger differences that revolves around your child’s innate qualities. This is a journey that will not only develop your child intellectually but holistically too; in a way that also enables you to play a part in the child’s development.

Children are like a ball of clay: the environment supports to mould them. Hence, we as adults need to support to provide them with a stable and conducive environment that supports learning for different styles of learners. We believe that the parents as the primary caregivers and the school as the secondary caregiver need to work hand in glove to support the child’s development. Hence, we need to know what the parents would like their child to achieve during their pre-school years.

I shall take this opportunity to share the various aspects that we request every parent to look into as we work together to mould these young minds who have been entrusted into our care.

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Take time to understand and appreciate the vision of our school.

This will enable you to realise that the vision we have for your child is attainable.

Understand our progressive and extensive school curriculum.

Parents must appreciate how the curriculum supports the intellectual, psychological and emotional development child.

It is essential to provide children with immense opportunities to exhibit the skills they have internalised, making them feel elated (recognised/appreciated) when the behavioural trait or deed is acknowledged by the adult, especially one who is special in their lives!

Children observe and absorb from their environment. Not surprisingly, it is very important to provide children with the right environment to explore, from which they can learn and thrive from.

Getting the chance to meet your child’s educators at regular intervals.

  • This will allow you to be kept up-to-date with your child’s development and to be able to respond accordingly.
  • In a Montessori environment, children learn more effectively with consistency, routine and instruction in their lives. This undoubtedly supports the child ability to absorb, grasp, understand, apply and remember the social norms in society.

As an educator, I encourage new parents to sit back and analyse the journey they aspire their child to undertake

  • The Environment-Is it a classroom-based or one that provides hands-on experiential learning?
  • The Curriculum-Is it a child-directed or teacher-directed programme?

Do take an observation of class in operation. Observe our children at work as this will enhance your understanding and appreciation what you can expect from your child in our environment.