Programs offered

porgrams offered

Program offered

  • Curriculum Offered small
  • Half day care

    7am to 1pm

  • Full day care

    7am to 7pm

Services provided

For all sessions breakfast and lunch is on the house.

Swimming lessons are provided on the Jurong Kechil branch.

School bus services can be arranged for depending on the bus route.

Fee Structure

Registration fee : S$ 100.00 (Non-refundable)

School fee :

  • S$1150.00
  • S$900.00

Subsidy amount will be deducted based on the mother’s employment status

Subsidy for Singaporean working mothers

  • S$300.00
  • S$150.00

Subsidy for Singaporean non-working mothers

  • S$150.00
  • S$150.00

Documents required for registration

  • marriage-certificate
  • Child’s Birth Certificate.
  • passport
  • Passport/ Re-entry permit (for foreigners only).
  • health-book
  • Child’s health book.
  • id-card
  • A copy of the parents I.C. /Fin card.
  • employment-letter
  • Employment letter from the mothers company stating date of joining and status.
  • birth-certificate
  • Marriage certificate.