Director’s Pen


I began this educational journey way back in 1998, with my beautiful girls, who were then in kindergarten. I was a mother who felt that my children would need me in the beginning days of their educational journey, but to my surprise, they proved to be more than excited to explore their new platform. I was a volunteer to the school for several occasions and that was where the true interest and admiration to begin this journey with the young began!

A Bachelor of Arts from Bangalore University, I began my journey with the young as a mere volunteer, but my passion took me one more step ahead when I persuaded to undertake the Diploma course to understand the method of Montessori education. I breached the gap between education and application when I worked in a kindergarten for almost four years. This journey is one that is most memorable, as I experienced applying the theory to the fullest and my motherhood training provided the basis to use various other methods and strategies of inviting the child to enjoy schooling.

I strongly believe in imbibing a strong foundation in every child that is entrusted in our care. Each child is unique in its own way and it is a team effort to understand the child’s personality and further design the methods and strategies to be used in imparting the educational foundation. We aspire to bloom with every child and bring out the inner strength, surface his capabilities and build up the resistance to build on the learnt. I truly believe that every child has the inner strength and urge to be the best in this beautiful world, at Innate I stand as a strong pillar to support the child externally and accomplish every dream a parent would dream for their children.

“Innate Montessori”, is an environment that I will always strive to build as a learning home for child. An environment that invites the child to thrive to exhales, accomplish and explore his world! Every child that is entrusted to us is understood, observed, analysed, perceived and only then do the staff, as a team, work together to develop the child. Every child is unique, and we respect that factor. “Innate Montessori” – strives to bring out the best in your child.