About Innate

At Innate Montessori, we aspire to bring out every innate quality in the child. Our school offers you a group of educators, who strive to drive the child to bring out the unique qualities that reside within them. In order to achieve our goals; we look forward to nurturing and fostering a committed relationship with both the child and the parents. We aspire to develop the self-esteem in every child to ensure they enjoy learning in a well-prepared environment that prepares every child to meet their desired developmental milestone. As every child has unique innate qualities; we support the development of every child after detailed observation and consultations with the parents to further drive the child with the desire to learn, the need to explore, the confidence to share learnt knowledge and more over develop the internal self to bloom in this world.


Our School

We ensure that your child will cultivate qualities as we work along with the
‘young adult’, whom you have entrusted to our institution

  • Develop a healthy level of confidence.
  • Build an essential foundation for their continuing learning journey.
  • Ability to accept social and intellectual challenges.
  • Ability to explore their environment in an innovative, fun and safe manner.
  • Develop leadership qualities that enable the child to bring out the best within themselves.
  • Acquire the art of perseverance to accomplish a chosen task successfully.
  • Provide room for repetition of learned tasks that eventually leads to the mastery of a learnt concept.
  • Ability to share and discuss previously learnt information in group settings.
  • Create a calm, composed and orderly young adult.
  • Ability to be initiative and self-direct themselves.
  • Ability to express and articulate themselves clearly.

Scientifically it is proven that a child at the age of 2 yrs and 6 months is considered a miniature adult. At Innate Montessori you will observe that we proudly achieve “A Child at play by a young adult at world”.