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Curriculum Offered

An environment created to invite the young to learn on a platform that inspires the child to explore, challenge..

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A pure Montessori environment that is well prepared to support every child’s developmental needs with child care services …

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Innate Montessori provides joyous atmosphere where every child feels it as a home. Have a look…


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I began this educational journey way back in 1998, with my beautiful girls, who were then in kindergarten. I was a mother who felt that my children would need me in the beginning days of their educational journey, but to my surprise, they proved to be more than excited to explore their new platform. I was a volunteer to the school for several occasions and that was where the true interest and admiration to begin this journey with the young began!


Who We Are

At Innate Montessori, we aspire to bring out every innate quality in the child. Our school offers you a group of educators, who strive to drive the child to bring out the unique qualities that reside within them. In order to achieve our goals; we look forward to nurturing and fostering a committed relationship with both the child and the parents. We aspire to develop the self-esteem in every child to ensure they enjoy learning in a well-prepared environment that prepares every child to meet their desired developmental milestone. As every child has unique innate qualities; we support the development of every child after detailed observation and consultations with the parents to further drive the child with the desire to learn, the need to explore, the confidence to share learnt knowledge and more over develop the internal self to bloom in this world.

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